Relentless Pursuit – Day 1

I came to You today, O LordUnsure, doubtful, tired and unfaithful.Looking for answers,Troubled with concerns.With simple things, complex situations,When will I ever get out of this notion?I looked at You and gaze upon Your presenceI ask You -- I asked You for my strengthI asked You for wisdom and peaceMy heart totally aches for all… Continue reading Relentless Pursuit – Day 1


God’s Love: It’s Immeasurable

There are so many instances in the Bible that God has shown His Love and mercy to His people. And one of those many that strucks me the most can be seen in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3:21: "And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed… Continue reading God’s Love: It’s Immeasurable

Who would have thought that You love me this much?​​ Wow Lord! It's been a year already. And I can't contain the gratefulness I feel everytime I remember the day You've made me realize how much You love me. 365 days of being with You made me become a different person. A different woman, a different daughter, a different friend, a different person, a… Continue reading Who would have thought that You love me this much?